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Pedal Power

Powered Up can supply off-grid power for events which would normally require a diesel or petrol generator. We can power stages, stalls, stands, outdoor cinema, deliver workshops for education, businesses and communities, and power weddings and other private events. Having electrical power on demand, without the need for the noisy chug of a generator somewhere on site brings a relaxed atmosphere. 

Bicycle pedal power powering a film

Our pedal power system can be used to power film screenings, TVs, PA sound systems, lighting, laptops and a variety of other appliances.

Up to 4 bicycles can be set up with the kit. You may even be able to use your own bicycle if it fits on the stands.

Powered Up can supply everything needed for film screenings and we also have a 55 inch TV for daytime use. We have access to a huge variety of modern PA equipment capable of delivering sound for bands and other entertainment.

Pedal power is lots of fun. The system is dynamic and there is feedback through the pedals. For instance, when powering a film, if there is a loud section on the soundtrack, you have to pedal a bit harder, akin to going up a hill.

People can hop on and off the bikes, and providing those who are still on their bikes pedal a bit harder while someone is swapping, the power will be maintained.

If the cyclists don't pedal hard enough though, the power will go, and whatever is being powered will stop. If it's a film with an audience that means some pressure for the cyclists!

If you prefer, we can supply a solar-charged battery back-up and everyone can relax.

Bounce Dance Academy powering music
The Bubble Bike Boogie on Killacourt in Newquay

With two bikes at the "Connecting on the Court" event in Newquay we delivered the "Bubble Bike Boogie" in the kids' area. People had a go at powering a bubble machine and some music. It proved very popular!

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