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Solar Power

Powered Up can supply off-grid power for events which would normally require a diesel or petrol generator. We can power stages, stalls, stands, outdoor cinema, deliver workshops for education, businesses and communities, and power weddings and other private events. Having electrical power on demand, without the need for the noisy chug of a generator somewhere on site brings a relaxed atmosphere.

We powered this event. All the lights and sound were powered from lunch-time through to 4am before the guests decided they needed some sleep. There is always plenty of power left in the batteries which get recharged the next day using solar power. Spare batteries are always on hand from our solar charging base to make sure an event never runs out of power.


PA sound gear and the management of it is supplied by Monkeyhead Productions who we work very closely with. This was a 2KW rig. The fairy lights, supplied by the marquee hire company were powered independently with a solar-charged battery to prevent running unnecessary cables. The stage lighting and PA were powered from the main solar battery bank. A chill-out tent was also powered independently.

For larger events we can set up a tent to house batteries, inverters, light and sound gear. This will be the "power station" for the event. Full RCD protected power is installed within the main marquee. A mobile and device charging point can also be installed for guests to use.

Dscn2668 02.jpg

"Shakespeare in a Shed" was a series of extracts from various Shakespeare plays performed in a shed with a capacity of 15 audience members and six, 20 minute performances a day.

Power requirements for lights and sound as well as lighting between shows was supplied with a solar charged battery being topped up with a solar panel on the roof of the shed.

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