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Off-grid electricity

Solar and bicycle generation for performance and events

Get Powered Up!

At Powered Up we can provide energy to events and occasions where a motor generator would normally be used. Take it easy with solar power or burn some calories with pedal power, it's up to you. We have experience in delivering renewable electrical power for theatre, film screenings, weddings, small festival tents and stages and promotional events for businesses, colleges and local authorities.

As a part of Blystra Arts CIC, we have grown from our enjoyment of delivering power for some unique events in some great locations.


A clean, quiet and fun way to power your event.

We are based in Newquay, Cornwall and will consider delivering power generation services to any UK location or any type of event. We have access to suitable stage lighting and PA equipment and can power sound and lights for bands, shows and peripheral equipment such as refrigeration etc.

Our ethos.

We believe that man-made climate change is real. Powered Up brings opportunity to discuss energy options, and be positive about existing and future technologies. We believe that the UK has a long history of being at the forefront of technology and industry and that it should lead the world in developing renewable technologies. It is the future!

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