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Film Night at Goodfest 2022

After some conversations about the weather with an indoor option available, or the choice of an outdoor setup in an adjoining meadow, we decided alongside Goodfest organisers to opt for the indoor option. Bedruthan Hotel and Spa looked after us all wonderfully as the rain lashed down outside confirming we'd made the right choice.

With a series of short films planned on place, sustainability and environment, volunteers supplied the muscle-power to generate the electricity for the show by pedalling on our four bicycles. They even had a very well-organised rota! It was a very enjoyable evening with a great atmosphere and some well-considered films which were an ideal start to the festival.

We'd like to thank Carn to Cove, C Film, Goodfest and the Bedruth Hotel and Spa for giving us an opportunity to be a part of the festival, and to the audience and cyclists who helped make the evening so special.

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