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PAR-Teee 2023

PAR-Teee is a one-day festival for the Par community. This year it was held on Par Beach, and included the Inauguration of the Time and Tide Bell and a performance of "On the Strandline" by the organisers of the festival, Prodigal Theatre.

The desire to make the event off-grid and fossil-fuel free was achieved this year by using Powered Up's solar energy system.

A 330 amp hour battery was taken down onto the beach, having been previously charged by the power of the sun, as well as a solar panel to keep it topped up. We would have had enough power in the battery to power the event three times, but because it was such a sunny day we returned to base with a battery which had barely discharged at all.

Once the PA was up and running and the event was under way, we had a ringside seat to enjoy the marvellous entertainment on offer, including music, dance, aerial work and parkour.

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